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“Ranking our Web site high on search engines results, designing a professional Web site look and developing engaging relevant content for a heavy technology company like us resulted in a dramatic increase in client leads that we receive from our Web site.”

Simon Robin, CEO, Hardent Electronic Design Services


B2B Marketing Consulting Services

inbound marketing campaigns direct objective

Inbound Marketing Campaigns

inbound marketing campaigns direct objective

Direct Objective Consulting is a business-to-business/ B2B marketing agency and lead generation company, assisting small and medium companies succeed in North American and international markets. As a marketing communication consulting firm, Direct Objective specializes in setting B2B marketing strategies and executing successful B2B marketing lead generation campaigns for technology, manufacturing, and large service companies.

As a one-stop boutique marketing firm, Direct Objective strives to create constant demand for your products or services. Using B2B lead generation marketing campaigns, Direct Objective is determined to maximize your ROI in marketing by choosing methods that better work for your solution and ensure an increased flow of potential clients. Direct Objective remains committed to providing practical, creative, and effective service to clients at all times. Above all, Direct Objective Consulting aims to build strong long-term relationships with every client, providing them support and assisting them grow from small-medium enterprises to large, successful, and visible companies.

B2B Marketing Expertise:

  1. B2B Marketing Strategies
    The first step to generating client demand and attracting new sales is to create viable B2B marketing strategies, and make sure that your company is going after the most profitable market for the solution you offer. What is your Positioning Strategy? how do you want your company to present itself to its prospects? How can you use that to gain competitive advantage over your competition? These and many other challenges have been handled in the past by Direct Objective; assisting B2B companies develop marketing strategies that ultimately proved to be successful.

  2. Branding and Corporate Image
    Every company needs a unique image: a way to stand out from their competition and make themselves recognizable for prospective clients. Developing the right brand identity requires a clear company vision, and a commitment to consistency. Direct Objective has a network of designers, and works closely with them to create attractive logo designs, website designs, brochures, sales material, and lead generation campaigns - all to create a brand that resonates with your marketing strategy and your clients.

  3. B2B Lead Generation Company
    There are many techniques for B2B lead generation marketing campaigns, and Direct Objective has extensive experience not only within each method, but in the art of integrating specific methods to craft the right result for you. These marketing techniques may include, but aren’t limited to: Search Engine Optimization/ SEO, social media, blog content development, email campaigns, AdWords campaigns, newsletter development, press releases, case studies, white papers, and plugging articles in industry publications. Additionally, not all new prospects are ready to purchase your solution immediately. B2B lead generation requires Lead Nurturing, a process in which you remove objections or roadblocks, and turn prospects into clients weeks or months down the road.

B2B Pull Marketing Strategies

Pull marketing strategies are the cornerstone of effective B2B lead generation marketing campaigns. Instead of trying to shoot in the dark and push your solution onto the uninterested, pull marketing aims to attract clients who already have a built-in interest in your product, like drawing a bee to a flower. Magnetizing your prospects through pull marketing will allow you to boost your conversion rate while slashing unnecessary resources aimed at knocking on uninterested “doors”. With new technologies and cutting-edge B2B pull marketing strategies, you can see your business grow.

Measuring Results and Marketing ROI

The final step of a well-crafted marketing campaign is to measure its results. Measuring the ROI of a campaign can guide you whether your B2B marketing campaign efforts are effective or whether you can optimize it to achieve better results. Measuring, developing, and implementing is a constant cycle of marketing activity, so consult with Direct Objective if there is a way for you to improve your marketing results.

B2B Marketing Services Cycle

Think of this site as a resource for small medium companies that are looking to grow, and search for ideas about B2B marketing strategies. Browse the pages, read our blog, share with your community, or consult today with our B2B marketing agency about effectively executing your B2B lead generation marketing campaigns for your company!