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Published on Monday 18th of July 2011

What Google +1 Means for Effective SEO and the Future of the Internet

“Relevance is about relationships.” That quote from the Google blog represents the idea behind their new ‘+1’ feature, an answer to “Like” and “Share” from Facebook and Twitter. When people searching Google find something they want to recommend, they can hit the “+1” button in the search results or on the actual page to share their recommendations with their Google contacts. The short video below from Google’s blog gives a quick overview of how everything works.

However, B2B business marketers who have spent considerable resources increasing their page rank suddenly are learning that +1 revolutionizes search results. Google is developing an algorithm to account not only for search engine optimization factors like keyword patterns and incoming links, but from the point of view of social networks as well. A result that your friend +1’ed (for the record, +1’s, +1’ed, and +1’ing are the accepted spelling) could be elevated above other results for various search strings and appear higher in the search results. Not only that: +1’s will show up on both search results and AdWords. This may have major impact on your online advertising as well.

So What Do I Do Now?

First, there is no need for panic! Google’s algorithms will always place most emphasis relevancy, not exclusively on relationships. Not everyone will let the Google +1 button determine their clicks, or even enable a Google account that has a broad contact list. Top spots on the search result pages will still be highly valued. Second, and perhaps most importantly, the +1 feature will likely have far greater an impact on B2C business than B2B for now. Buying a coffeemaker because a couple of your friends recommended it is a vastly different decision process than choosing the right software solution to mesh with your IT infrastructure. There are more factors to consider when making a major purchasing decision for your company’s future than “what does my roommate from college think?” Effective SEO will still increase your company’s page rank to the level where major potential clients will take notice.

That said, it is important to be prepared for the possibility of Google +1 becoming an important marketing tool in the future. The simplest way? Think traditional: start creating engaging, original content, design your website with aesthetics and usability in mind, and keep your company on the first page of search results with carefully targeted SEO. Talk with Direct Objective today about your options in the imminent Google +1 online world.


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Published on Thursday 9th of September 2010

Social Media Strategy: What's the ROI?

In 2007, Twitter users posted approximately 1.2 million tweets. This year, that number is projected to be over 18 billion. Many large companies now have full-time Twitter social media staff – McDonalds has ten – and Twitter is still dwarfed by others. Social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are poised to rival Google as search engine resources. Facebook users send over a billion messages every day. Not to be outdone, YouTube estimates it will serve 365 billion videos this year. In every demographic, social networking is on the rise; according to a new study from Pew Internet, social media usage among internet users over 50 nearly doubled in the past year, from 22% to 42%. More specifically, 47% of 50-to-64-year-old internet users and 26% of seniors ages 65 and up indicate that they now use these sites, with Facebook and LinkedIn being the main beneficiaries of mature traffic. So the question remains: how can B2B social media strategy be crafted to harvest this incredible potential?

Facebook was originally designed to let college students connect and share pictures, but with its users eclipsing 500 million, companies have realized the potential of an effective social media strategy. An estimated 20% of all tweets are related to a product or brand. With the right tools, B2B social media strategy can help:

Setting up a Facebook or Twitter account is easy, but creating effective social media strategy is much more complicated. Each firm has unique goals, and thus needs a distinctive social media strategy. Contact us today to work with a social media consultant who can help you build the right B2B social media strategy for your company, and escort you along the process to reach your business social networking goals.


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