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Published on Tuesday 31st of January 2012

Making An Impact In Your Market has Never Been More Important, Or Easier

I believe our age will be called the Internet age. Over the past decade and a half, and especially in most recent times, we have seen revolution after revolution change the political and economic spheres in which we live. Political power has become more horizontally integrated with the advent of social media, and it has been as effective in toppling longstanding military regimes (i.e., the Arab Spring) as well as defeating unpopular legislature (i.e., the US SOPA & PIPA postponement). In each of these cases, the momentum came and was sustained not from powerful committees and the elite, but from ordinary citizens like you and me.

More and more, individuals have the power to influence the course of events, and marketing is no different. But just because influence is readily available to anyone, doesn’t mean it can be mastered by everyone. To be influential, you must be engaged; like in the past, you must have your network of people or companies. If you like something, whether it’s a product or service or just a piece of writing, don’t be afraid to share it and tell other people about it. If you like what someone else has shared, tell your network about it. This is an ever-growing part of communication, and in the future it will only be more dominant.

Most large companies have already taken notice of the social trend, and increasingly they are monitoring and measuring their social interactions. They recognize that it is you who will ultimately make or break them. Search engines like Google take into consideration the behaviour of their users when ranking web sites for search queries. It is you who they are trying to satisfy, and therefore they verify click rates for their top results.

Because an individual voice can have such a powerful influence on a product’s success, companies have started to do what they thought inconceivable only a few years ago; they now tailor their products and services to the individual client. Personalized web sites are a must these days, but Amazon and Dell have gone further and change the position, elements, and functionality based on how it tests with users. The ads we see are likewise made to be as relevant to us as possible, and with the advent of mobile marketing, we will see even more personalization with location-specific ads.

Now is the time to begin your social and personalized marketing efforts. Go to Direct Objective site or blog and if you like it, have an impact and press on the +1 on the top right of the page. Speak out and people will take notice!


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