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Published on Tuesday 22nd of November 2011

How To Measure Whether Your Website is Effective?

Today, your website is often the first place where your potential client finds you; it is your first impression. This means that you must ensure that your website is effective. So how could you know whether your site is effective or not? Here are some criteria you can use when assessing your website’s performance:

Phases to improve your Website Effectiveness:

  1. Collect information regarding visits to your website (requires installation of web analytic tools that would collect specific information)
  2. Analyze the data and deduct what elements in your website drive the most potential clients
  3. Optimize your Website SEO and usability

Optimization and website usability are often thought of as two independent facets of a website, but in reality this is never the case; a well-planned online strategy takes both into account together, and makes sure that one supports the other. It is true that search engine optimization plays a greater role in getting potential clients to a site, while usability is more focused on keeping them there—but this is changing. Google is constantly updating its ranking algorithm, and more recently one of the important aspects that Google takes into consideration is what your visitors think about your site. What is counted as important? What brings value to the visitor? In order to learn this, Google uses web analytics information to help define the ranking of your website. Thus, it is no longer enough to place a few keywords here and there, expecting your Web site will be ranked high. You need to invest in your website’s usability.

For more information on how content can affect your business’s image and exposure, read our more detailed website content development section. If you would like to understand the benefits of good Web design, and just how it can help you find clients, look at our website design resource.

Contact Direct Objective today to see how we can assist you in adjusting your website to effectively draw more potential clients. Our vast experience in website usability and optimization will allow you to bolster your online presence and create an effective website.


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Published on Wednesday 19th of October 2011

A Comprehensive B2B Marketing Resource

It has been almost 20 years that I’ve worked in the international marketing arena, and I have learned a lot since I first began. Some things I learned from other marketing experts with whom I had worked and other things simply by trial and error. The first thing I learned was that the marketing industry moves quickly, and that one must constantly change one’s strategies and techniques to attain positive results.

For some time now, I had wanted to put all of my experience in a book so I could share it with other people who are facing International marketing challenges. But today, a lot of marketing happens online, and because the internet is turning more and more into the resource for up-to-date and relevant information, I have decided to revise our Web site to serve as a marketing portal—a comprehensive resource for B2B marketing. I have created it specifically as a destination where people would be able to educate themselves on how proper marketing should be done. All the techniques and strategies are covered, meaning that we address all the major marketing practices for B2B companies.

As much as our website is already comprehensive, it can never be complete. I envision it as a long journey where you, our visitor, will take on an important role. Tell us what you think about our new concept. Let us know what subject you would like us to cover and together we can create a better and greater repository about marketing.

To start this journey, we have placed a Google +1 button on our site (at the top-right of every page). Click the Google +1 button on pages that you value and enjoy. This will give us extra feedback about the type of information you find useful. If you have not yet signed-up to Google+, please do so and add me to your circle.

In light of the Moon Harvest Festival and the Jewish New Year celebrated last month, I hope you harvest the fruits of our effort and embark on a successful business year with the assistance of our website or our services. Again, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.


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