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Published on Tuesday 27th of November 2012

Blogging: Is your company up-to-speed?

We all know the value of a business blog, but do we take advantage? In a recent study about the State of Inbound Marketing, marketing software company HubSpot reported 57% of businesses using company blogs have acquired a customer from a blog-generated lead; an increase of 11 percent since 2010. Also, corporate blogs were ranked by 55% of the respondents as the lowest inbound marketing tactic to result in “below average cost per lead” (see figure below).If this September is anything like the last one, a lot of organizations are going to be ramping up their B2B marketing efforts. Last year, when the end of summer came around, the search volume for business-to-business marketing in the United States started to increase, reaching its apex near the end of September. In Canada, we observed similar results, as you can see in the charts.

Blog-Generated Leads55% of companies whose blog indicated leads from this channel were ―Below Average Cost

When it comes to marketing, there’s no question business blogging is effective. It drives clients to corporate Websites and companies gain new customers from blog-generated leads. These days, blogs along with other social media tactics, can play a crucial role in your company’s online presence.

Despite this, company blogs are only effective when they’re updated regularly. Content is authentic and business blogs provide real value to readers making the consistent updating of your company blog as important as ever.

HubSpot’s study reveals most company blogs publish at least monthly, if not weekly. Unfortunately, most businesses lack the time and resources for regular business blogging. This is where Direct Objective can help. By meeting with the Direct Objective staff once a month to define blog goals, companies can reap the benefits of blogging, yet free themselves from the task of actual writing it.

Together we can explore blog ideas, ensure blog posts respect company guidelines, customize the blog to be SEO-friendly and most importantly, attract new prospects.

Does your company blog need updating? Consult with us to see how we can help.


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Published on Wednesday 31st of October 2012

Business-to-Business Marketing Horror Stories

Every year on Halloween, people of all ages turn off the lights, cuddle up on the couch and watch their favorite horror movie. While Halloween only happens once a year for everyone else, I am faced with horror stories all year long. On a weekly basis, I meet with companies that are living their very own nightmares as a result of their own marketing inexperience. While I am the first to agree that business-to-business marketing is no easy task, I am also the first to admit there are always ways to try and avoid problems. So for this Halloween, we here at Direct Objective have a little treat in store for you, so turn off the lights, cuddle up on your office chair and get ready for our very own Business-to-Business horror stories... candy not included.

Chapter 1 - Marketing Without Measuring

Companies spending large amounts of money on marketing should live by one word: measuring. If marketing initiatives are put in place without the ability to measure key performance indicators, then why bother? Make sure that the right plan is in place in order to fully reap the benefits of your marketing initiatives and not fall victim to the Marketing Grim Reaper.

Chapter 2 - Branding is NOT Forever Young

The branding of your company is not something where you should cut corners. While a substantial investment into your online content, signage and logo is definitely recommended, remember that over time, as the industry around you changes, so should your branding. Allocate an annual budget for revamping your website, marketing material and even your logo if necessary to avoid being viewed as the Mummy of your industry.

Chapter 3 - Marketing Tactics are not Automated

So your company wants to invest more in various marketing tactics, while this is a step in the right direction do not think that merely setting it up is enough. Integrate and Automate your tactics to ensure that your social media, email campaigns, SEO, PR and other campaigns are aligned accordingly, not doing so would be the equivalent of getting lost in a haunted house. Avoid it and plan ahead!

Chapter 4 - To go International or not to go International

Every year, innovative products are developed, successfully tested in local markets and 7 years later there is still no attempt to break into the international arena. In today’s business market, the world has become a global village, easily accessible to all who want to. Cut down your time-to-market by daring to enter the international market, you’ll find that it’s a lot less trick and lot more treat.

Chapter 5 - International Expansion Needs International Experience

Breaking into the international market is great, what is better is having someone that you trust with the knowledge on how to capitalize in that market. Above all else, make sure your company is ready for a new market, that you are attracting new leads in that market and then let your senior salesperson takeover. Remember, if the sales are not there... R.I.P.

So there you have it, your very own guide to avoiding B2B Marketing Nightmare mistakes, now turn on the lights and get back to work!

Happy Halloween!

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Published on Tuesday 31st of January 2012

Making An Impact In Your Market has Never Been More Important, Or Easier

I believe our age will be called the Internet age. Over the past decade and a half, and especially in most recent times, we have seen revolution after revolution change the political and economic spheres in which we live. Political power has become more horizontally integrated with the advent of social media, and it has been as effective in toppling longstanding military regimes (i.e., the Arab Spring) as well as defeating unpopular legislature (i.e., the US SOPA & PIPA postponement). In each of these cases, the momentum came and was sustained not from powerful committees and the elite, but from ordinary citizens like you and me.

More and more, individuals have the power to influence the course of events, and marketing is no different. But just because influence is readily available to anyone, doesn’t mean it can be mastered by everyone. To be influential, you must be engaged; like in the past, you must have your network of people or companies. If you like something, whether it’s a product or service or just a piece of writing, don’t be afraid to share it and tell other people about it. If you like what someone else has shared, tell your network about it. This is an ever-growing part of communication, and in the future it will only be more dominant.

Most large companies have already taken notice of the social trend, and increasingly they are monitoring and measuring their social interactions. They recognize that it is you who will ultimately make or break them. Search engines like Google take into consideration the behaviour of their users when ranking web sites for search queries. It is you who they are trying to satisfy, and therefore they verify click rates for their top results.

Because an individual voice can have such a powerful influence on a product’s success, companies have started to do what they thought inconceivable only a few years ago; they now tailor their products and services to the individual client. Personalized web sites are a must these days, but Amazon and Dell have gone further and change the position, elements, and functionality based on how it tests with users. The ads we see are likewise made to be as relevant to us as possible, and with the advent of mobile marketing, we will see even more personalization with location-specific ads.

Now is the time to begin your social and personalized marketing efforts. Go to Direct Objective site or blog and if you like it, have an impact and press on the +1 on the top right of the page. Speak out and people will take notice!


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